Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Feeling of Accomplishment

I did something utterly amazing yesterday!  Something I never thought I could do.  I conquered another hiking trail and a slight case of acrophobia.  Needless to say, I'm on a high from a great feeling of accomplishment!  This time around, a friend and I tackled the River Mountain Trail, a six-mile round trip hike to the summit of Black Mountain.  Yes, I wrote "hike to the summit."  Seriously.  I surprise myself now and then, but this surprise tops the list!  I am not fit by any standard, but I made it up that mountain all the same with a kick to my step that motivated my svelte hiking partner!  I gather my inspiration stemmed from the captivating scenery on the trail, with majestic views of Red Mountain and Black Mountain from the canyon, the quaint view of Boulder City from the switchbacks above the canyon, and the amazing view of Lake Mead from the summit of Black Mountain.  And I do love an adventure!  The River Mountain Trail was quite an adventure, one that I won't soon forget!

River Mountain Trail, Boulder City, NV
Heading into the canyon between Red Mtn. and Black Mtn.
View of Red Mountain from the switchbacks.
The canyon from the switchbacks on Black Mtn.  Boulder City in the distance.
View of Lake Mead at the summit of Black Mountain.
Relaxing at the summit before making my way down.
Life's a great adventure just waiting to happen!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Family Ties

I spent the past few days exploring Las Vegas as a faux tourist with my grandma and two aunts, who are visiting from Hawai'i.  I felt a familiar sense of peace and love descend upon me as I bonded with my family, something I haven't done in a long time.  It's difficult living so far from home and away from loved ones, but no matter the distance between us, they remain in my heart and always will.  My family ties remain strong and relevant.  Nothing can break this bond.  And it's comforting to know that that no matter what transpires in my life, my family will always welcome me home. 

Sigh.  My family returns to Hawai'i tomorrow morning.  We said our goodbyes tonight with a pang of sorrow.  I don't know when I'll see them again, but I promise to make it home soon.

On a lighter note, my grandma turns 79 tomorrow!!!  Happy Birthday, Grandma!!!

Contrary to the renown cliche, you can go home again.  I plan to do just that!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tunnel Vision

Last Saturday, a friend and I accomplished a great feat in our books by hiking the Railroad Tunnel Trail in Boulder City, Nevada.  We began our hike at the entrance to Lake Mead National Recreation Area on Lake Shore Drive, making our way through five historical railroad tunnels before reaching the trail that would take us on to Hoover Dam.  We decided to give it a go and trekked our way to Hoover Dam and back.  It was a rather strenuous hike for the likes of me, but I trudged onward without complaint...until the last leg of our hike.  By then, I swear I had a bad case of tunnel vision, my knee ached painfully, my tummy growled in protest, and my throat felt extremely parched.  Surprisingly, the overpriced chocolate muffin I bought from High Scaler Cafe at the Hoover Dam was a wise decision; it definitely gave me the energy boost I needed to complete the return trip.

FYI, the hike was roughly ten miles to Hoover Dam and back, and the beautiful scenery made the entire experience quite memorable!  I highly recommend this trail

The Railroad Tunnel Trail, Boulder City, NV
Tunnel 1
Can you spot the Nome King? lol
View of Lake Mead from the Railroad Tunnel Trail.
Tunnel 3
Hoover Dam, NV
Hoover Dam, NV
Me on the trail...I survived! =D
Get out and do something!