Friday, September 19, 2008


I'm angry. So angry that I could hit something, someone.

Yesterday, BB told me that she gained some incite from her co-worker. Apparently, her co-worker said that talking with her ex-husband, a person she despises, helped her to cope with the anger she feels toward him. Her co-worker also said that it allowed her to reach past her hate to maintain somewhat of a relationship with her ex-husband for their children's benefit. I understand and agree with BB's co-worker.

BB then told me that she decided to call her ex to gain some closure. BB claims that she's over the whole break-up, but not over the part where her ex took everything and left her with a shitload of debt. BB blames her ex for her financial situation, which led to BB having to file for bankruptcy. I understand why BB needs closure for that aspect of their relationship.

However, BB told me the most wonderful (sarcasm spills from my lips) news this morning after she hung up with her ex. BB told me every detail, including the part where they exchanged e-mails and promises to keep in touch. Apparently, they have resumed their friendship, as if the past suddenly disappeared. All those times I listened to BB tell me the horrible stories about the past; they no longer existed. POOF! Just like that, and they were gone. I didn't get it. I still don't get it. There's no reason for this! No kids, nada, nothing!

I'm angry because BB felt the need to call her ex!

I'm angry because BB called her ex!

I'm angry because BB told her ex she hated her back then, but not why she did!

I'm angry because BB's ex knows how much she's affected BB, so much that BB felt the need to call her after so much time has elapsed!

I'm angry because BB's ex may think the worst of BB and of our relationship!

I'm angry because BB's ex may think me and our relationship a mere 'rebound'!

I'm angry because BB decided to resume and maintain a friendship with her ex, a person who doesn't deserve BB's friendship!

I'm angry because BB's so...blind to see that this is all so stupid!

I'm angry because BB's ex isn't here so I can bitch slap her!

I'm angry because this situation has me seeing red!

I'm angry because BB and I fought about this!

I'm angry because BB and I are not talking!

I'm angry because I took it out on Roran!

I'm angry because I feel betrayed!

I'm angry!



This fucking blows.

Relationships SUCK!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Angry and Afflicted

An envelope from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) came in the mail today for BB and I. I thought, 'What the hell do they want now?!'

The DNC rendered my vote inconsequential and stifled my voice in this allegedly democratic voting process. At least, the DNC tried to stifle my voice. No more! My loyalty to the DNC has waned since the bitter primary campaign season ended.

Those in power, the likes of Reid and Pelosi, and traitors like Richardson sealed the deal for Obama's coronation as the Democratic presidential nominee, and the biased, sexist, and pro-Obama media happily fueled the anti-Hillary (and Bill) sentiment. Need I mention the disastrous and unfair caucus system? Obama supporters called my friends 'racist' because they chose to vote, as it is their right, for Hillary instead.

Is this democracy?! NO! Democracy means freedom! Freedom without fear or backlash!

This primary campaign season has made me question our democratic process. It has made me question my country and its principles. It has made me question my loyalty to my party. It has made me question my choice for president. Do I stick with my party, the party that hindered my vote and attempted to stifle my voice, and vote for Obama, a person whom I am not able to trust? Or do I choose another party's candidate because that candidate appears to be the lesser of two evils?

All I know is I'm undecided and consider myself an independent.

Maybe I should sell my vote on e-bay instead.

Don't feign surprise. This is no longer the America that we know. What is left of a country when it's democratic process fails? A communist state.

On a last note, isn't it funny how stupid Obama is for not picking Hillary as his VP? Instead, McCain, the Republican candidate, chose wisely by picking a female for his VP. It's all about Palin now, no longer about Obama. He must be crying like a baby now that the spotlight has waned. Great move on McCain's part! Palin's no Hillary Clinton, but she's tough and, most importantly, she's a woman.

Don't tell me how I should utilize my right to vote! I am American! I have the freedom to choose!

Down with the DNC!


Hillary in 2012!